Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dealing With Problem Faculty: An Article From Faculty Focus

I have been so straightforward all my life, so, I thought if I ventured on this topic online or offline (without taking anyone's name, of course) people would still think I was referring to particular individuals. But that isn't my objective. My aim is to put focus on improvement in higher education and to talk about issues that affect the profession. I have been a member of the Modern Language Association of America for a number of years and one of the journals they publish is an annual journal called Profession. (Profession talks about issues that affect and trouble the academic profession.) Anyway, I noticed a very interesting link to an article among the innumerable email lists that I follow. This is from Faculty Focus, published by Magna Publications in the US. It talks about 'How to Deal With Problem Faculty'.

To quote from there:

Much attention has been given to the “difficult” or “disruptive” student, and rightly so. However, colleges and universities aren’t just institutions of learning, they’re workplaces as well. And like any workplace, there are colleagues who are a joy to work with, and there are colleagues who can poison an entire department.

[The emphasis is mine but the quote is from the link below]

Here is the link:

I seriously think Teacher Associations in Indian universities should hold seminars on the idea of improvement in higher education. This could go a long way. Introspection is important. It leads to progress.

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