Sunday, November 21, 2010

Louise Erdrich: Few Resources on the Author

Louise Erdrich is an American author or you might call her a 'native American author'. I posted one of her quotes on Facebook / Twitter and thought I might as well collect some resources on her writings and post them on my blog.

1. Oprah's website talks about one of Erdrich's novels, The Plague of Doves. At

2. There is an interview on NPR with Louise Erdrich at and the transcript is there as well.

3. The Smithsonian Magazine has another 2006 interview with Louise Erdrich here:

4. The Lannan Foundation has got an audio interview (as well as a downloadable podcast) with Louise Erdrich at

5. The University of Minnesota has an informative biographical/critical sketch on the author. This is at

6. Gale has a longish and informative bio-critical write-up on Louise Erdrich at

I think these are very interesting and informative resources to explore on the author. 

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  1. I'm a big fan of Louise Erdrich. I was fortunate enough to talk with her in person a few years ago at the UND Writers Conference. I just wish MORE people were familiar with her work!

    Love Medicine is one of the best novels ever.