Sunday, November 28, 2010

How To Be A Prolific Writer (a very interesting article)

Carolyn has few websites which are quite helpful and one of them is Sharing with Writers and Readers. I came across a very helpful article by Dr. Peter Clement on her website about how to become a prolific writer. It was truly amazing. 

I'll quote a section from the post and then link you to it. Here it is:

When I found Carolyn’s @FrugalBookPromo on Twitter last week, she responded, “Pleased to meet you, Peter. You are prolific to be sure. Maybe you’d like to write an article for my blog on how you do it!”
I was pleased with the invitation, but taken aback at being called prolific. That was a term I’d associated with the masters: Tolstoy; Dickens; Dick Francis. Just a few days ago I read an interview with Stephen King where he revealed that his novella Ur had taken him three days to write, but that he’d then released it as an e-book, and quickly earned himself $80,000. “I’m very prolific,” he added to explain this feat. The word that also came to my mind was profitable. 

You can read the rest of the fascinating article at:

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